Friday, November 6, 2009

Biggest Breasts In The World

Simply The Breast
The 10 Biggest Breasts In The World

There isn't a man alive who doesn't love large breasts, but sometimes they can be too big. It's a strange thing for a man to say that "those boobs are too big for my taste," but it's true. This is why I always recommend marrying a woman with a small C cup or smaller. If you don't, you're going to deal with some unsightly boobies when she gets older.

#10 Lolo Ferrari (36G) - The French model and singer was dubbed "the woman with the largest breasts in the world" by the French Guinness Book of World Records in 1996. Lets just say that a lot has happened since then in the boob world.

#9 Busty Heart (46H) - A former model and stripper, Busty now owns a strip club called "Busty Heart's Place" in Pennsylvania. Now she spends her spare time appearing on shows like America's Got Talent, The Man Show and Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge crushing things with her giant boobs.

#8 Sheyla Hershey (38KKK)- The former Brazilian model holds the world record for "World's Largest Implants" when she recently had them uprgraded from a 34FFF to a 38KKK. And it won't be long before Special K signs her to a sponsorship deal and releases Sheyla Hershey's "Special KKK" cereal.

#7 Casey (64MM) - All we know about Casey is that she's a stripper and she married an ugly guy. We also know that thanks to Casey, Maury Povich is officially a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

#6 Mistress Rhiannon (48MMM) - Mistress Rhiannon is a dominatrix model who might just be the perfect woman for Chris Brown. You know, because her name is just like Rhianna and they both like to smack people around.

#5 Maxi Mounds (61MMM) - In 2003, Guinness gave Maxi the record for "Largest Augmented Breasts" in the world and thanks to Maxi this is now an official Guinness category forever.

#4 Monique (46R) - Monique is one of those "adult" actresses who does "adult" work in the "adult" film industry. Basically what I'm trying to say is that she's an "adult."

#3 Chelsea Charms (153XXX) - It's ironic that a woman with a 153XXX bust decided to work in the XXX movie industry. I think they call that boob karma or something?

#2 Karola (48ZZZ) - Karola has a serious case of nasty face but she'll "help you get your ZZZ's" faster than a bottle of Nytol.

#1 Norma Stitz (56ZZZ)
- You know they're the Guinness World Record for "biggest breasts in the world" when you've officially run out of letters in the alphabet.


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